BioLite electricity-generating stove

BioLite The Biolite woodstove is an incredible supereffficient design that will not only boil water in minutes but even charge your phone while it does it. The stove uses a small electric fan to get started and drive fierce combustion using nothing more than twigs as fuel; so there’s no need to carry heavy fuel with you. When it’s going at full-burn it will boil water in a matter of minutes. And even better than that, the stove will even recharge your phone or other device through the USB cable. To do this, the Biolite woodstove incorporates a themoelectric generator to convert heat to electricity – the same technology employed by the Curiosity Mars rover. The whole thing is no bigger than a 1 litre Nalgene waterbottle and weighs just a kilogram. And the stove isn’t just for camping, and the electricity it generates could be vital for keeping devices charged when the power goes out in a storm or other natural disaster. The Biolite woodstove is available here

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