Big Issue North

BigIssueNorthThe Big Issue North printed an interesting feature article about The Knowledge and the invisible processes and principles that underly our everyday lives.

Dartnell doesn’t really think the end of the world is nigh. But why are we so fascinated with the notion?

“One part of our fascination is wishful thinking, that yearning for a simpler time, like in films like Mad Max. You don’t have a job and a calendar and a mobile phone. You can do whatever the hell you please, and have a wild time and wear lots of tight leather. But people also overlook just how brutal life without civilisation provided for us would be. That you would have to fight and fend for everything. You’d have to really struggle to keep your existence going.”

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Fury Road

The new Mad Max film, Fury Road, has been one of the most hotly anticipated films of the year. And it certainly doesn’t disappoint. But how realistic is this portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world? In this ‘Hollywood Science’ feature article in BBC Focus magazine, Helen Pilcher, asks how civilisation might be rebuilt after the apocalypse.


Shelter from scratch

Starting with nothing more than two rocks in a forest, this is an incredible example of building from scratch. Using a stone axe, watch how to fell sapling trees, gather strong vines and construct a strong frame to then fill-in the walls with wattle and daub for a shelter.


During the Canada-US book tour in March of this year I stopped by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, hosted by the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI). I had a few meetings and seminars on how to use the research material in The Knowledge in an innovative course on the history of civilisation and development of technological capability, and also delivered an evening public talk at The Museum. The Museum has a wonderful central atrium where I spoke, with a huge Tyrannosaurs Rex model towering over me and pterodactyl swooping down from the ceiling three floors above! Here’s the video of the event.

The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World From Scratch – WICI Talk with Lewis Dartnell from Waterloo Complexity Institute on Vimeo.

Hay Festival

HayFestivalI was absolutely thrilled to be invited to talk about The Knowledge at the Hay Festival this year. The event sold-out and the audience were absolutely wonderful – plenty of interesting discussion for the last 20 minutes. But just as much fun, the publishers worked with a creative agency to put together a publicity stunt in and around the town and festival, based on the premise of the book. A rapid response team, complete with a biohazard container and dressed up in hazmat suits, distributed flyers and copies of the book. Here are some of the pictures tweeted by the surprised public.


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