The Knowledge  has been translated into many different languages worldwide. Listed below are the foreign publishers and release dates.

  • Netherlands – ‘Na de apocalyps: alles wat je nodig hebt om weer een beschaving op te bouwen‘ (Uitgeverij Unieboek/Het Spectrum, April 2014).  [sample pdf] [Amazon]
  • Germany – ‘Das Handbuch für den Neustart der Welt‘ (The Handbook for rebooting the world: Everything you need  to know when nothing works anymore) (Hanser Belin, September 2014) [Amazon]
  • Spain – ‘Abrir en caso de Apocalipsis: Guía rápida para reconstruir la civilización‘ (Mondadori (RH), 12 March 2015) []
  • Russia – AST Publishers, 2014
  • France – ‘À ouvrir en cas d’apocalypse’ (Editions Jean-Claude Lattes, Spring 2015) []
  • Italy –  ‘La conoscenza necessaria‘ (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, 29 March 2016) []
  • Japan – Kawade-Shobo-Shinsha, 2015
  • Korea – Gimm-Young Co., 2015
  • Croatia – EPH Media d.o.o., 2015
  • Taiwan – Faces Publications
  • Romania – Editura Humanitas
  • China – ‘最後一個知識人:末日之後,掌握重建文明社會的器物、技術與原理’ (‘The Last Man of Knowledge:  The Tools, Technology and Scientific Principles to Rebuild Our Civilization in a Post-apocalyptic World‘) United Sky New Media Co.
  • Turkey – Koç University Press []

Each of these translations also has its own wonderful cover design, playing with the theme of how to rebuild civilisation from scratch after some kind of apocalypse. Also see the designs of the UK hardback and the US cover that never was.