How to survive an apocalypse with just the contents of your handbag

handbagPart of my motivation behind writing The Knowledge was to explore how people through history have been amazingly ingenious or innovative in hacking stuff together and finding solutions to great challenges. For example, I describe how the inhabitants of the city Gorazde were able to jury-rig rudimentary water wheels for electricity, or how during WWII people adapted cars to run on wood as fuel.

But faced with a hypothetical global catastrophe how well would you fare? How could you survive an apocalypse with just the contents of an average handbag or backpack…?

Here’s an article I worked on with the Mirror newspaper, discussing all the weird and wonderful uses that simple, everyday items can be put towards. What ingenious way could you use an empty bottle of water or a pair of glasses, or even a condom or tampon, to save your life..? Even if you never need them in this way, the article will still hopefully change forevermore how you look at these everyday items…

Read the full article on The Mirror website

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