The Long Now Foundation

LongNowFoundationThe Knowledge hardback has now been added to the library of The Long Now Foundation, a curated collection of books they call the ‘Manual for Civilization’. The Long Now Foundation is an organisation that fosters long-term thinking, particularly in the interests of preserving our cultural and scientific heritage and protecting civilisation. They are running several fascinating projects, including building the ‘10,000 year Clock‘ in a mountain-side in Texas and compiling the Rosetta Project, a digital library of human languages.

Alexander Rose, Executive Director of the Foundation, magnanimously reports that one of the first inspirations for creating this ‘Manual for Civilization’ library was a conversation with me when I first started researching and writing The Knowledge, and I am truly honoured for my own effort to have been included in this compendium of practical knowledge.

I have also recommended a list of around 50 other titles for the Manual for Civilisation, tomes that I found crucial during my own research (and included in the book’s bibliography), and these join the guest submissions from, among others, Brian Eno, Jill Tarter and Kevin Kelly.

Read the article on the Long Now blog, including my list of books for their library.


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