How To… Make your own wind turbine

TWind_turbinehe September issue of Wired magazine carries an article by me and Leila Johnston about how to make your own wind turbine. This piece draws on the material from the first chapter of The Knowledge, talking about how you can use ingenuity and resourcefulness to scavenge and repurpose all you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in the immediate aftermath. For instance, the vital component of a wind turbine that generates electricity for you can be cannibalised right out of any car or truck engine – the alternator.

Wired_septThe article was on the news-stands in September, is still available on the Wired app on iTunes or Google Play, or online here.


Also check out The Knowledge posts on How to convert a washing machine motor into a generatorHow to convert a ceiling fan into a wind turbine, and the Estream portable water turbine.




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