WikiReader_PocketWonderful on-line information resources like Wikipedia are only useful if your computer or mobile device has an active internet connection to access them. And if civilisation were ever to collapse, such vast reserves of human knowledge would evaporate within days as blackouts hit the servers and the internet collapses. This ingenious little device offers the perfect solution.

WikiReader is a compact handheld device that provides instant access to Wikipedia no matter where you are, and without needing any connection to the internet. The integral SD card stores the text of three million articles, and regular updates to this database can be downloaded for free. The monochrome display is easy to read, and the touch screen interface allows you to scroll through articles with the stroke of a finger, or follow hyperlinks with a simple tap. You can browse through at your leisure or find particular keywords using the dedicated Search button. History and Random buttons are also included. The ultra-low-power system means you can run it for months before needing to recharge the internal AAA batteries. WikiReader is compact and lightweight, perfect for keeping with you for looking up things while you read or travel, and can be slipped into a bug-out bag.

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