Post apocalyptic Book clubs

post apocalyptic book clubsPost-apocalyptic fiction is a very popular genre, and there are a number of dedicated post apocalyptic book clubs around the world. These are very friendly and informal gatherings, often occurring monthly, where you can discuss what you think about different novels over a drink with new friends. Here is a list of the ones I’m aware of – please do add others you know about to the discussion page and I’ll include them here.



LONDON: The Post-Apocalyptic Book Club (PABC) meets once a month in a central London pub (see the meet-up site for updates on the next event). Also, follow the organiser Leila’s tweets @Dystocalypse

MANCHESTER: The London PABC also have a branch in Manchester

EDINBURGH: The Edinburgh Post-Apocalyptic Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month.

NEW YORK: The Brooklyn Post-Apocalyptic Book Club meets once a month in Freebird Books, a used bookshop on the Brooklyn waterfront

SAN FRANCISCO: The Calypso Post Apocalypse Group meets in San Francisco to discuss books, as well as films, games and comics.
SAN FRANCISCO: Drinks and Doom is another post-apocalyptic book club based in San Francisco – SF in SF, if you will…

MELBOURNE: The Last Book Club on Earth meets in the CBD, as does The Second-last Book Club on Earth

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