Prize Giveaway

Knowledge_pbkTo celebrate the paperback publication of The Knowledge, the UK publishers Vintage are running a prize give-away!


Sorry, I meant to put the word ‘Imagine’ at the beginning of that sentence. Panic over.

But imagine if it had. Maybe a viral pandemic, an asteroid strike, or perhaps nuclear war. Maybe even a zombie apocalypse. Whatever the cause, the world as we know it has ended and you and the other survivors must start again. What key knowledge would you need to start rebuilding civilisation from scratch? Once you’ve scavenged what you can, how do you begin producing the essentials? How do you grow food, generate power, prepare medicines, or get metal out of rocks? Could you avert another Dark Ages or take shortcuts to accelerate redevelopment?

That’s why you need The Knowledge by Lewis Dartnell, a book which explains everything you need to know about everything.

Obviously you’d save a copy of The Knowledge in the event of a catastrophe…! But what Vintage want to know is: What other book would you save if you could only grab one as you fled to the bunker?

To enter the give-away, email your answer to with ABOOKALYPSE! in the subject line. See the Vintage competition website for full details. And you could win this amazing survival kit from The Bushcraft Store.


The Survival Store’s Small Ultimate Survival Kit contains:

  • A Maxpedition M-1 waistpack 
  • A Columbia River Knife and Tool RSK Mk 5 Ritter Lightweigh survival knife
  • US GSA Compliant 550 Paracord
  • Commando Wire Saw 
  • A TBS Firesteel
  • Care Plus Hand gel 
  • Waterproof Matchbox
  • 2″ Signal Mirror
  • Signal Whistle
  • US Issue Water Purification powder 
  • Fishing Kit
  • Can Opener
  • A US Issue Sharpening stone 
  • A Wristband Compass


The Knowledge Want to read more about the behind-the-scenes fundamentals of how our modern world works, and how you could reboot civilisation if you ever needed to...? Check out The Knowledge - available now in paperback, Kindle and audiobook.

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