I was thrilled to have been invited to deliver a mainstage TED talk about the thought experiment behind The Knowledge and exploring the behind-the-scenes fundamentals of how our world works and what enabled civilisation to progress through history. TED have written a blogpost of the talk, and you can watch the video online here.

The gasifier stove demo worked well, almost too well, and came alarmingly close to all the hairspray they’d put on my head…






Gavin Blake of FeverPicture was live-scribing the event, and produced this brilliant graphical summary of my main points (click to enlarge):

Scriber-Gavin Blake_small

The Knowledge Want to read more about the behind-the-scenes fundamentals of how our modern world works, and how you could reboot civilisation if you ever needed to...? Check out The Knowledge - available now in paperback, Kindle and audiobook.

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